Curbow brand

Curbow family shot XT33 & IEP chambered body - Package $7500

I hate to do it but building and trying to keep as much cash flow moving right now.

So here they are as a package deal, not looking for trades, I'm putting this pair up as a sell only.

if you look in sold gallery under curbow you will find individual pics of each!!!!

Also, if someone interested in buying these I'll also sell the 1 and only Bootsy Curbow 4 string for 2k along with these two!


Curbow USA Bootsy Sig 1 of 1 - Rockwood Neck $2499

Curbow USA 4 string 1 of 1 Boostsy Signature Star in Pearl White. This has the RockWood Neck and Board...... truly amazing!!!! Plays as well as any bass, perfect neck, enormous tone and spank, finger style and flexibility. There was slight finish damage to the bottom of the star point but it has been stabilized and won't spread or split.

If no one wants it, I'll keep it, this bass is killing it!



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