Tobias 4 string, Very Old Omega Cut


Very Old, first of this old Headstock shape I've seen and it looks killer! Koa Body wings with Koa and maple neck-through with ebony finger board. Bartolini pickups wired passive with volume-volume, tone-tone. This has use to have a preamp and a power supply jack. Its now passive, I actually thought about dropping an XLR in it for recording to the board...........

Built by Tobias when he had a small shop in Orlando.
“That is a very early bass. I don't remember why we would have put a 5 pin in the bass but several of our customers wanted a powered bass like Alembic used to make...we had a power supply that plugged in and a 20' heavy cord that ran power to the eq instead of batteries....that did not last long in popularity though...... I don't see the number anywhere and cannot match it exactly in my very incomplete records....but my guess is that the bass is really from 80-82 at the latest....If I could see it in hand I may be able to give you more info....??? If it sold thru Music City then it was probably in 80-81....I do not remember dealing with them after I left Fl.
Michael Tobias MTD (Michael Tobias Design)”