67 Fender Jazz bass


67 Fender Jazz – I bought this off mambobassking (now goes by bassguydude) on ebay. He completely misrepresented the item that I bought and refused to correct the situation. Be carefull when buying from mambobassking, he uses private auctions to hide buyers. Anyway, the 67 Fender jazz has been striped of a tobacco burst finish. See photo on neck pocket. Nice thing here they didn’t strip the pocket so you can see the original finish. Has original pickguard and the tone pot is original. The two volume pots have been changed to Dimarzio pots, original wiring is all there. Pickups date 67 and the tuners are original as well. I installed an original bridge on the bass, but the G string spring and screw are new. Comes with Original HSC. Honestly I have to say this is one of the best sounding Jazz basses I have ever owned or played!!!!!!!