New, Used and Sold Gear

LowEnd 212 and 312 cabinets

Had an amazing response to my new design LowEnd bass cabinets at NAMM.

Trace Elliot UK rig!!!! Series 6 GP12/RA300/410

Trace Elliot 1048 H 4x10 cabs $450
Trace Elliot MP11 programmable preamp. - sold

Rolex Thunderbird datejust

Beautiful Vintage Rolex Thunderbird Datejust
2tone 14k
Works perfectly

Model: Thunderbird
SWR SM 900 - Furman

will sell together or individually

VHT Pitt Bull Classic Tube Guitar Amp

original tubes still in it. Siemans German Military grade
100th all hand made in 1992

Gabriel sound garage 212 and 18 head $2200

Gabriel sound garage 212 and 18 head $2200
18 watt sig series tube head

VBoutique cabs And pedal boards

Bass and Guitar Speaker Cabinets and Pedals boards