New, Used and Sold Gear


Used but in very good shape

TecAmp Virtue Cabinet w/cover $999

TecAmp Virtue Cabinet. 2x12”, 2x10”, 3 different tweeters.

2 DNA 112

DNA DNS112 Neo cabs. Single 12 W/ tweeter.

Hartke HD 410 $399

Hartke HD410 hybrid aluminum/paper driver cab. 1000w @8Ohms.

Orange OB1-300 Combo $999

1 Orange OB1-300 single 15” combo, in nearly new condition. Only a few hours of use on it.

Trace Elliot UK rig!!!! Series 6

Trace Elliot 1048 H 4x10 cabs

DNA 410 neo rhino 8ohm w/cover

Cab is like new with cover

Bass Flight Cases $175 each

Two flight cases by showcase
One cutout for 90s Les Paul bass and other is modulus q5

Crown Microtech 2400/rolling SKB $450

Comes with amp, rack, space filler and a unit not tested but was told wasn't sure if worked...