New, Used and Sold Gear

2 Eden D210XST

Will sell together or apart

Eden traveler 550 head

Just completely serviced with bag and flight case and rack ears

TecAmp Virtue Cabinet w/cover

TecAmp Virtue Cabinet. 2x12”, 2x10”, 3 different tweeters.

Gabriel sound garage 212 and 18 head $2200

Gabriel sound garage 212 and 18 head $2200
18 watt sig series tube head

VBoutique cabs And pedal boards

Bass and Guitar Speaker Cabinets and Pedals boards

Rolex Thunderbird datejust $4000 or trade

Beautiful Vintage Rolex Thunderbird Datejust
2tone 14k
Works perfectly

Model: Thunderbird
Orange OB1-300 Combo $799 REDUCED

1 Orange OB1-300 single 15” combo, in nearly new condition. Only a few hours of use on it.

Demeter 201s powered 800 Watts $1099

201s Demeter preamp just back from JAMES having the 800 watt power section

Bass Pod Pro w/pedal $399

Bass Pod Pro with unused Pedal board and all cables.

Trace Elliot UK rig!!!! Series 6 GP12/RA300/410 $1199

Trace Elliot 1048 H 4x10 cabs
Trace Elliot MP11 programmable preamp. - sold